1 Male and female Baby marmoset monkeys available for adoption
we would love to give out our 23weeks old baby marmoset monkeys, with free toys, and cage due to the pass away of grandma who was a breeder and previous caregiver of both monkeys.The present situation with our jobs don't permit us to give them the best attention needed,These babies bring her memories so quick which results in pain in our heart's, it hurts to see them go but the situation just won't let us keep both babies! If genuinely proven you willing to bend over backward for these babies then we love to give them to you to have the best care.Our babies are house raised, they were hand-rear by Mom. diaper trained, leash trained, also trained not to bite! love cookies, monkey biscuits, fruits and greens they are easily adaptive and would only take a few weeks with their leashes and cc's of milk twice daily, good feeding for y'all to be a bond! These adorable babies have been vet check a week now and are great for their health. Vet Records, USDA papers, mini cages, toys, start-up food would be available during pick up or once deliver at your home. they are gradually getting on with respond to their names and are very entertaining. Loves to be a stroll around with and companies of children.