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A majority of the population in Dubai comprises of expatriates.

The UAE, and especially Dubai has very often been referred to as the ‘melting pot’ of diverse cultures. Online Business Directory in Dubai can be easily experienced once one takes a tour through the city. In the many streets lined by the skysers, the beaches with celebratory shores, the astoundingly superb shopping malls, the Dubai Metro, and even in your very neighborhood, you get to experience this diversity in its population.

Best Business Media in Dubai is part of the Government of Dubai, the current resident population of Dubai is 3,208,967 as per the latest updates on 9th of February 2019. The data reveals that the resident population of Dubai at the end of 2014 was approximately 2,327,000 while the active daytime population,  Business Media in Dubai  comprises residents as well as persons working in Dubai but living outside the city, tourists, sailors, and other temporary residents, was 3,408,000.

 Dubai Directory is unique in the sense that it is home to a multi-lingual, multi-cultural population, with a majority of its population comprised solely of expatriates. The city’s perpetual growth in becoming a global hub for business attracts people from around the world to start-off business in Dubai. Online Business Directory in Dubai  services in education, home, lifestyle, leisure, and food, people eventually settle down in Dubai. It is also one of the safest cities in the world with strict and stringent laws governing it.

Dubai is home to people from various countries, most of them hailing from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Nepal, China, the UK, South Africa, the US, Canada, France, and Australia. Best Business Media in Dubai is indeed a wonder how a city can impeccably cater to the needs of such a vibrant population with different tastes and values. The city has put up itself as a role model to the world in handling its diverse population in the best form possible.

 Business Media in Dubai outstanding hospitality along with its tireless efforts towards a safer and happier place to live and work is the prime reason why Dubai is becoming one of the most favorite cities in the world.


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